Indian dishes prepared from authentic spices and fresh ingredients. 
  • NAMASTE Dinner

    We capture the flavors of India in our Namaste dinner – a spread as irresistible as the price itself.
  • NAMASTE Drinks

    Indian cuisine is with Indian cocktails, we keep our bars stock with Indian whiskeys & Kingfisher beers.

    Our takeaway counters are fully functional on weekdays & offer the most exotic of Indian dishes.

WELCOME TO Namaste Express

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”
George Bernard Shaw

Indians are known throughout the world for their warm hospitality and Namaste is the customary greeting that they extend to people when they meet. Namaste is a gesture that shows our respect to others and also expresses our love and warmth. At Namaste Express we also do the same. We extend our hospitality and welcome you to come and enjoy authentic Indian cuisine, served with a modern outlook.
Enjoy magnificent Indian lunch and dinner at our restaurants and savor the spicy experience. We not only use fresh ingredients and original spices to cook the dishes, we also put dollops of love and care so that the taste lingers for long.