About Us

The real taste of India

Namaste is not just a way of greeting people. The gesture also signifies the way Indians open their hearts to embrace people they meet and make them eternal friends. Namaste is an invitation to become a part of their lives. At Namaste Express, along with serving Indian food, we emulate the Indian culture of inviting people in our world and become permanent residents. Actually, we don’t serve food to mere clients; we offer food along with our love and warmth and build relationships.

Our history

Namaste Express started its humble journey from a small takeaway joint in Epsom in 2011. Within a few years it created its own mark and opened sit-down restaurants due to huge public demand. The first restaurant and bar came up at Ellerslie in December in 2012 and within a year it has opened its third branch at Highbrook Drive in 2013.

Under the able leadership of the owner Rakesh Chauhan, Namaste Express has its hand on the nerves of its patrons and knows what they expect. Mr. Chauhan has been working in the industry for over 15 years and also holds a diploma in hospitality. His huge experience coupled with his passion to serve Indian food to the world has contributed to the growth of Namaste Express.

Our philosophy

Indian way of cooking is not only about mixing ingredients in proportions, it is about balancing the subtle tastes so that each ingredient comes out with its full flavor to make each dish stand out on its own.

Our chefs are specially trained to prepare Indian dishes that have been popular for over hundreds of years and we know that connoisseurs like you prefer Indian food cooked with Indian spices and fresh ingredients only. We source fresh ingredients from local markets. The spices come from authentic Indian shops and the meat used is ‘halal’.

The values that define us

Mr. Chauhan believes in a few basic values and has never compromised on them. Quality, service and being respectful towards his clients are the three cornerstones of his business. At Namaste Express, all the ingredients are fresh and the dishes are freshly prepared also. The taste and preference of the customers are always given precedence.

The comfortable sitting arrangements and warm and helpful wait staff testify his dedication to customer satisfaction. The menu is carefully chosen to showcase the best of Indian cuisine and also to cater to the patrons of the restaurant.

What we offer

Currently we have three venues to cater to a wide customer base and are pleased to let you know that whether you order food from our takeaway counters or dine at our restaurants, the food is always of high quality. At our sit and dine restaurants, you can enjoy authentic Indian food, served with our love and good wishes in a comfortable and royal setting, just to enjoy the food more and relish its taste.

We offer a wide range of international wines and beers and our menu recommends drinks to make dining a wholesome experience. Namaste Express not only offers you Indian food but also a rare glimpse of its culture of dining that is no less royal. So, if you are looking for a memorable dining experience, visit our restaurants and let us make your meals so special that you would love to come back again.