Too many people are neglecting their health. From eating carelessly, not exercising, and doing other harmful activities that affect their health. Why do so many people are underestimating how much their health is deteriorating? Is it because of the wrong mindset that some people have?

What I mean by the wrong mindset is not associating health with investment. Your health is something more than just the present – it is also the future. When you are doing something that improves your health, you are also investing in your future. A future where you get to be healthy and do many activities that would be impossible to do if you’re not healthy.

In this article, I want to tie health and investment more closely. I have a list of things that you “invest” in to build a future where you are healthy and fit.

Take care of your shoes

Some people need as much motivation as possible to keep exercising regularly. And of them is having a nice pair of shoes. If you already own a pair of shoes for exercising, it’d be a great idea to keep them in good shape for many years.

The life of a pair of shoes will depend on what kind of exercise you used them for. Running and moving quickly can wear shoes more quickly. So you need to maintain your shoes properly by washing them and use them with care. But, please keep in mind that worn-out shoes need to be replaced immediately to avoid injuries and joint damage.

Get a habit of exercising

Exercising is scary for some people. The idea of exhausting oneself regularly might seem to be too difficult. But here is the thing, the reason why you think it’s difficult is that it isn’t part of your habit.

Exercising has been proven again and again to be good for both physical and mental health. Every part of your body would get the benefits of exercising. This is why you need to turn exercising into a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you will think that not being able to exercise is the worst thing ever. You won’t need an extra push to exercise and would be glad to do it every day.

Eat a better diet

Most people have bad diets, and they don’t even realize it. Some of them chose to ignore everything and keep eating whatever they eat every day. While others fell to some dirty tricks that many companies are using to promote their products.

Everyone needs to educate themselves on diets – learn all the healthy ingredients and recipes. Learning how to read food labels is also very useful when you are shopping for groceries. Fixing your diet is one of the best investments you can do for your health. And the knowledge you get will be useful forever and can be taught to others as well.

Stress management

A busy life can be stressful, and it might not be worth it in the long term. This is precisely why stress management is a good investment for your health. It is time for your body and mind to get their rest after a busy day at work.

A clouded mind and exhausted body will only hurt you. There’s no need to keep forcing yourself to work without a much-needed rest. You can try watching movies, listening to music, or playing video games – anything that can give you happiness. If it’s too difficult for you to manage your stress, you should seek professional help before the situation becomes too severe.

Get enough sleep

There is a term called Sleep Debt. It describes a situation when someone doesn’t sleep enough that they need to sleep more later. Sleep Debt can be harmful to your health and even fatal for someone who has any health condition.

If you think of sleeping as a way to invest in your health, it might help you appreciate its importance. Try to get 8 hours of sleep every night and you should be able to get your energy back.


Investing in your health is one of the best decisions you can do in your life. With enough investment, you can start feeling your best every day and avoid any diseases for as long as possible.