Being inside your house can be relaxing and all. But do you realize how dirty can the air inside your house get? Without actively trying to purify the air, it can get polluted with dust and other harmful bacteria.

The impact of air on your health can be quite significant – indoor or outdoor. If you are staying indoors a lot, why not start purifying the air? And don’t worry, I have some easy solutions for you. These solutions can clean the air and make sure you get the cleanest air you can get while staying indoor.

Open the windows

Poorly ventilated rooms can be harmful to your lungs. The air inside your house needs to be fresh and well ventilated to make sure that clean and fresh air keeps coming in. Not surprisingly, opening your windows is enough to get some needed fresh air.

Essential oil diffuser

Nowadays I see a lot of essential oil diffusers on the market. They come in different shapes, sizes, and some of them have many features. A little info about essential oils, they are like tea tree oil and have antibacterial properties. Essential oils can clean the air effectively and also let out a nice aroma depending on what kind of oil you use.

Considering that there are essential oil diffusers that you can choose from, always try to read the reviews first. It’d be great if you can spare more budget so you can get a high-quality diffuser.

Take your shoes off before going in

Some people have a habit of bringing their shoes indoor. But that is a bad habit that can affect the quality of the air inside the house. Shoes carry dirt from outside and dirt can carry some harmful stuff such as pollen, fungi, feces, bacteria, and pesticides.

When you walk inside with your shoes on, any of these harmful substances can spread themselves without you knowing. So make sure that you take them off outside.

Air purifier

Air purifiers are great as they can clean up the air without you doing anything. Some air purifiers are very effective at what they do. Just turn them on and any harmful particles in the air will get absorbed and filtered. People who have asthma will love to have an air purifier in the house.

Indoor plants

This is my personal favorite when it comes to cleaning up the air in the house. Some types of houseplants are just so good at purifying the air and many of them don’t even need extra care to survive. That’s right, many houseplants can survive without much light or water.

Besides purifying the air, houseplants are also pretty. If you want, you can get various plants of houseplants to diversify your collection. Some plants are great at reducing nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and many other harmful particles.

Groom your pets

If you have pets at home, make sure you groom them regularly. Some animals shed a lot and accumulated furs and dead skin cells can be harmful to your lungs. Furthermore, an excessive amount of pet fur and dander can cause you to develop asthma-like symptoms or make asthma symptoms worse.

Clean your house regularly

If you want the air inside your house to be clean and safe, then you need to clean your house regularly. Dust that accumulates inside your house can spread in the air and get into your lungs. That’s why regular cleaning is very much needed if you want to improve the quality of the air in your house.

Salt lamp

One more method that not many people know is using a salt lamp. A salt lamp is a great natural air purifier that works by reducing pathogens, allergens, and other airborne irritants. The most known salt lamp is probably the Himalayan pink salt that can pull toxins from the surroundings and neutralize them.


There you have it, some easy methods to clean up the air in your house. Remember that depending on the condition of your house, you might want to start purifying the air immediately. This is especially important if anyone in the house is suffering from asthma. Start from the easiest one and I am sure you can start feeling better.