Namaste and welcome to my blog! My name is Amelia and I am a manager of a wellness center here in Portland. I started the center about five years ago and besides writing this blog it has been the most fulfilling endeavor of my life. Like many of my colleagues, I spent too many years stuck in a career I never intended to pursue.

While I deeply value the knowledge I gained as a commercial real estate project manager, I knew in my heart it wasn’t the endgame for me. I spent several years trying to find my new passion and it wasn’t until a friend recommended I speak to a life coach that I was able to envision the next phase of my life. I started to realize that I was capable of forging my own path and could combine all of my passions into one career.

It was very important to me to share with everyone, especially those who feel like they don’t know where to begin, all the ways of maintaining a healthy and prosperous life. I’ve learned it is possible to balance a successful career with a healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy my blog and it helps you to feel your best in all aspects of your life!