Before the pandemic hit, over 157 million people visited a Disney park in a year’s time. Now that we’re returning to a somewhat normal life, you can bet that Disney’s numbers are ramping back up.

Avid Disney fans will want to visit the parks for as little money possible, and as frequently as they can. For that, you can try Disney Vacation Club!

Want to find out more about Disney Vacation Club prices? Then keep reading. We’ll give you a brief rundown.

What Is Disney Vacation Club?

First of all, what is Disney Vacation Club (DVC) exactly? Basically, it’s Disney’s timeshare program. But instead of owning a share of the property, you own the right to go stay at Disney-owned resorts.

To get in on this, you buy DVC points, and when you do, you choose a “home resort”. This is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck, so make sure to pick a resort that you’ll go to often.

Disney Vacation Club Prices

Disney Vacation Club prices aren’t exactly straightforward. Mainly, they’ll depend on 2 things: whether you buy direct or from a reseller, and which home resort you choose.

First off, a point will cost around $200.

Picking a Home Resort

Resorts are valued at different prices; naturally, the more in-demand and luxurious ones will cost more.

You’ll also need to buy more points if you’re planning on vacationing during peak times, like summer. The value of rooms will fluctuate during the year to reflect demand. So if you want to spend most of your summer at a Disney resort, plan to spend more money on points.

Buying From Disney vs a Reseller

Instead of buying from Disney, you can choose to buy Vacation Club for Disney points from a reseller. The most notable benefit here is you’ll pay less per point. However, there are some drawbacks.

For instance, you can only use these points at the original 14 resorts between Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and 3 other stand-alone locations. You also won’t get access to some exclusive membership extras.

If you decide the above are fine for you, then it’s definitely buying from a reseller to save a good chunk of money!

Other Costs to Factor In

In addition to the above, you’ll need to also factor in a few other costs.

One is the closing costs. The amount you pay will depend on which home resort you’ve picked and how many points you’ve bought. The starting amount is $628 for 2022.

In addition, you’ll need to pay annual dues. This helps your home resort with operating costs and other things like real estate taxes. This starts at $105 per month for 2022.

Save Money With DVC

Now you know more about DVC, as well as the Disney Vacation Club prices you might pay. If you’re someone who goes vacationing a lot, and you enjoy going to Disney parks, then DVC just might be worth it for your family!

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