Health problems tend to compound if you don’t actively work to heal them. Unchecked stress can even lead to serious health problems like hypertension and heart disease. 

What if you found out that elegantly designed bowls could be a key in helping you deal with stress and so many of life’s ailments?

Tibetan singing bowls can do just that. These instruments are used in a form of therapy that has been around for thousands of years. 

Read below to learn more about singing bowls and how they can serve you in so many areas of your life. 

Understand What Singing Bowls Are 

A singing bowl is a bell-like instrument that produces deep, resonant sounds. When played, these bowls emit frequencies that our brains and bodies respond to. 

Singing bowls have long been used in Tibetan Buddhism practices, and the instrument even predates Buddhism. Though singing bowls are linked to religious practices, they can be used by anyone seeking physical, mental, or spiritual benefits. 

Get to Know Singing Bowl Therapy and What It Accomplishes

So how does singing bowl therapy work? People seeking wellness benefits can simply listen to the bowls, meditate with them, or work with a guide that can play these bowls while they’re placed on different areas of the body. 

Singing bowl therapy will help you with a number of ailments. 

Many people say that singing bowl therapy helps with their chronic pain. Serious pain afflicts more than 20% of United States adults. Using singing bowls can help alleviate this pain so that you’re not as reliant on pain medicine. 

Some other ways that singing bowls help include stress relief, general relaxation, help getting to sleep, spiritual wellness, mental focus, and more. 

Learn How to Take Advantage of Tibetan Singing Bowl Sessions

You can engage in a singing bowl meditation whenever it suits you. 

Reach out to a guide that can lead you through these therapy sessions. 

Practicing this or other types of meditation can lower your cortisol hormone levels. This is the hormone that is directly linked to stress in the mind and body. 

They will ask you about why you’d like to use singing bowl therapy, and will then play the frequency that can provide healing. These professionals may play sounds or place the bowl in areas that correspond with blocked chakras. 

Purchase Your Own Singing Bowl Set

The best way to make the most of singing bowls is by purchasing one of your own. Crystal singing bowls are popular options. These bowls are also made with bronze, copper, or other alloys. 

Make sure to also purchase a singing bowl hammer that will let you play the instrument. Using your bowl will provide plenty of therapeutic benefits since the act of playing and listening simultaneously time grounds you in the present moment. 

While you’re at it, check out this course for more information. 

Add Singing Bowl Therapy to Your Life

If you’d like to add singing bowls to your life, the tips above will help you out more than you know. Start with this advice and find a shop that can sell you the best options. 

Use these points and then check out more of our articles when you’d like to learn more about spiritual practices, health, fitness, and so much more.