In real estate, it’s essential to know how to find expired leads and follow up with them. These leads have been inactive for months, if not a year, and are looking for a new real estate agent. These leads should not be a part of your daily routine but should be noted.


You should consider using expired listings as leads if you’re an agent. After all, dead sellers already know they want to sell their homes and are willing to work with an agent. However, they may not be getting the best price. So how can you determine if these expired listings are still for sale?

FSBOs, or for sale by owners, are an excellent source of expired listings. Although they are not necessarily anti-agent, they are often reluctant to list with an agent due to the high commission. Additionally, they might be overpriced or underpriced. They might also believe they can sell the house independently and avoid paying a commission. You can check out the expired lead service to make it simpler for you.


Instagram is a great place to find expired listing leads, but it’s essential to know how to use it effectively. To maximize your results from this platform, you must be very specific about your target audience. For example, you should only text expired listings to those who have given you permission to text them. Text marketing is a very personal form of advertising, and sending text messages without the recipient’s consent may be considered an invasion of privacy or even a legal breach. Moreover, if the recipient flags your message as spam, your phone number may be added to online complaint directories and blocklists.

One of the best ways to promote new listings on Instagram is with a series of photos. These images should tell a story, especially those showing a luxury property. It will also be beneficial to promote expired listings using media buys.


Using Facebook advertising will help you generate leads, but you must follow specific laws to ensure your message does not violate their privacy. Unlike other marketing platforms, Facebook lets you target expired listing leads with particular criteria. By targeting these leads, you can ensure that your message reaches the right people and reaches them at the right time.

When searching for expired listing leads on Facebook, try to look for the terms house hunting, house buying, and house selling. This will bring up posts by other real estate agents and potential buyers in your area. Also, pay special attention to posts about open houses and home selling. These people are likely not currently working with a real estate professional but are looking for guidance, advice, and help.


Whether you use MLS systems or social media, texting to find expired listings leads is a great way to connect with your target audience. Texts are highly open, so you can include special touches that make them more likely to open your message. Texts can also be a great way to track your communication with leads.

When using expired listings texting, you can use a script that presents you as a neighborhood expert or a qualified real estate agent. In addition, remember to include a clear incentive. This incentive can be monetary or tactical.

Cold Calling

Cold calling expired listings leads is a great way to generate more leads for your real estate business. The goal of this strategy is to create a connection with the homeowner. While many people fear cold calling, it can be a highly effective way to reach out to those who have listed their homes but did not receive a response. It’s essential to give them enough time to understand your message and to focus on making a connection.

Cold calling expired listing leads can be difficult if you do not have the proper method to reach them. The most common way is to send postcards, but many other options include door hangers. If you cold-call expired listing leads, be prepared to follow up personally. Unlike new listings, expired listings have been inundated with calls by other agents for at least two weeks. This means that impatient agents may just give up on them, while others may be persistent and show up in person.