Did you know that 33% of all Americans have tried CBD products at least once? As more people learn about the health benefits, this number will only continue to rise.

From alleviating anxiety to treating chronic pain and improving sleep, there are plenty of different reasons why people are drawn to CBD. Not only is there a wide range of CBD products to choose from, but consumers also have to decide if they want hemp or cannabis CBD.

When it comes to hemp CBD vs. cannabis CBD, is there a big difference? Keep reading to learn about the most important facts.

Hemp CBD Vs. Cannabis CBD Legality

Some people are worried about trying CBD because they’re not sure if they’re allowed to buy it. The good news is that CBD that’s derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states. CBD derived from cannabis may not be legal in your state, so you need to check the laws before you buy anything.

The reason why hemp CBD is federally legal is that the hemp plant doesn’t contain a lot of THC. THC is the compound in cannabis plants that gets people high. As a result, many CBD products will be derived from hemp to maximize sales.

Are Hemp and Cannabis Products Different?

Since cannabis CBD isn’t legal in every state, you might be wondering if the products have unique benefits. This depends on how much THC is in a specific product.

Some strains of cannabis plants contain tons of CBD just like hemp plants. This means that the CBD you use is the exact same on a molecular level. While you can get identical medicinal benefits, your experience depends on whether or not the cannabis CBD also contains THC.

Both CBD and THC products come in a variety of styles. Besides smoking, edibles are the most popular way to use. You can find most edibles including Delta 8 THC gummies for sale in most reputable dispensaries both online and off.

Where Can You Buy CBD?

One of the best hemp and cannabis CBD tips is to pay close attention to where you buy these products. Both types of CBD have to go through a rigorous manufacturing process to be high-quality. Reading labels and checking out reviews for stores will allow you to know if a shop sells safe products.

You can buy hemp CBD online and in stores while cannabis CBD may only be available in stores. If recreational marijuana isn’t permitted in your state, then you may be required to show a medical marijuana card in order to enter these CBD stores. This helpful guide will make your first CBD shopping experience fun and stress-free.

Did You Enjoy This Cannabis and Hemp CBD Guide?

Now that you know the highlights of hemp CBD vs. cannabis CBD, you can be an informed consumer. No matter which CBD you decide to try, you can feel good about prioritizing your health.

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