How often do you think of your roof’s safety? If you’re like most people, it’s probably not that often. However, as fall transitions to winter, it’s time to start thinking about your roof.

Your roof takes a beating throughout the year. Storm debris, frequent exposure to intense sunlight, and wind damage are just a few of the threats your roof faces.

As winter comes, however, the cold weather could threaten the roof even more. To ensure your roof can withstand winter damage, contact a professional roofer to handle the repairs needed.

If you’re not sure why this is so necessary, check out our guide below! We’ll discuss some of the reasons why you need professional repairs. 

Roof Damage Increases Energy Costs

Winter is a brutal season for people’s energy bills. Because there are fewer daylight hours, you have to turn on more lights in the home. You may also use your gas or HVAC system to keep your house warm and cozy.

All of these factors increase your energy bill. However, your energy bills can become even worse if you have roof damage.

Cracks and leaks in your roof provide heat and air with an escape route out of your home. As a result, you have to burn more gas or use your HVAC more frequently to keep your house warm. All of these become expensive problems.

Avoid Potential Water Damage

The winter months often involve significant precipitation. Depending on where you live, you may experience this precipitation as rain, snow, or ice. All of these cause problems for your roof.

Snow and ice, in particular, have adverse effects on your roof. Since these can accumulate for long periods, they allow more water to seep through shingle gaps.

This saturation in your roof can lead to severe issues in your structural integrity if left unchecked. That’s why you should call a professional to get help fixing a damaged roof immediately. 

Depending on how extensive your roof damage is, you may discover you need a new roof. However, in most cases, an experienced roofing contractor can solve your problems.

Repairs on Your Roof Can Keep Gutters Clean

Many people often neglect their gutters. They allow debris to accumulate inside them, thinking, “I’ll get to it next weekend.”

However, your gutters serve a more vital role than you may give them credit for. In the winter, your gutters help filter snow and ice away from your siding. This filtration protects the siding from water damage.

The problem is if you have worn and damaged shingles, snow, and ice can break them down further. From there, the shingle debris can clog your gutter, worsening the saturation threat for your roof. If you get a roofing contractor, he can repair the existing roof damage and prevent worsening.

Get Your Roof Repaired Today

A professional roofer can solve the problems facing your roof this winter. Before the temperatures fall too low, contact a contractor to examine your roof today!

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